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Winter is coming: how to best utilize your marketing budget in Q4

October 10, 2023

Jenn Levreault

By Jenn Levreault, Creative Director, Breakout Studio

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Spending a marketing budget

Make the most of your end-of-year spend

It’s about that time again. The end of the year is near, and companies entering Q4 find an immediate necessity in analyzing, allocating, and best utilizing remaining resources, and for good reason.

Q4 is a crucial point for leaning into marketing to maximize annual profits. It’s time to think about how to best use the remainder of your budget and end the year as strongly as possible. 

Hello Q4

Six ideas for optimizing your Q4 marketing strategy from the experts at Breakout Studio:

Event branding
Whether for an annual general meeting, an employee off-site, or to highlight a launch, product, or service, make sure your event is one to remember. 

Holiday swag
Tis the season! Boost holiday cheer with swag your team and clients will wanna keep.

Seasonal greeting cards
Engage with your clients and customers and boost your brand visibility with customized holiday and New Year greeting cards, digital or printed. 

Paid ads + social media
Put your performance marketing to the test in the most profitable time of year with a paid advertisement through social media or google ads. 

Holiday email campaign
Stay connected with your employees and your clientele with thoughtful marketing collateral like email campaigns, newsletters, and press releases. 

Video messaging
Encapsulate the successes of a year well-done with a company overview video or holiday greetings video message. 

We’re ready to get you past the finish line

A full-serve agency at your disposal can help expand outreach and drive engagement for your business during the busiest time of year. The thoughtful, precise, and experienced creative team at Breakout Studio can help you execute marketing collateral to connect to the right audience with the right message. 

Our full-scale agency partners with leaders in every industry to rethink and rebuild outstanding, scalable, and effective brands. We’ll help you figure out where you stand in the industry, and we’ll design, write, develop, build, and launch a brand and website that can grow alongside you into the future.

Let’s chat.

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