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AlpInvest is one of the largest private equity investors in the world. We’ve helped them evolve their brand and web presence to reflect their level of sophistication and reach their global audience.

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  • Web Design
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  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Print Design
  • Reports
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AlpInvest is one of the largest private equity investors in the world, but their digital presence paled in comparison to their global reputation. We evolved their existing brand identity and website, and we have continued to work with their team to create sleek, functional collateral to support their operations. 

We led AlpInvest through a complete brand transformation, beginning with an elevated visual identity and entirely new messaging driven by numerous interviews with stakeholders. We then rolled this look and feel across all touchpoints, including a whole new website, marketing collateral, pitchbooks, stationery, and more. We also worked with AlpInvest to create their Annual Responsible Investing Report in 2021 and 2022, and we continue to support their ongoing design needs.

Visit the AlpInvest site
Read the 2022 Responsible Investing Report

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Responsible Investing Report

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