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Tony Finau Foundation


The Tony Finau Foundation was created by professional golfer Tony Finau with the goal of empowering and inspiring youth and their families to discover, develop, and achieve. We partnered with their team to build a brand that attracts donors and volunteers, furthering their mission in supporting communities.

  • Web Design
  • Writing
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Event Support
  • Merch
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Since 2021, the Breakout Team has provided branding and marketing support for the Tony Finau Foundation, elevating their message through a bold, inspirational visual identity and uplifting, welcoming language across digital and print material. We’ve continued to ensure Tony’s dream of community empowerment thrives — from event support like signage, cup inserts, dinner menus, on-screen graphics, and more to marketing collateral and custom branded merchandise, including packaging and t-shirts. 

The Tony Finau Foundation needed a website to drive engagement and further their philanthropic initiatives. We designed a site built around an intuitive user experience and cohesive messaging, directing visitors to direct donation and details about upcoming events. 

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59th GDUSA Design Showcase

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Tony at Top Golf

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Event branding

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