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Some of our big wins from 2023

December 19, 2023

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BOS 2023

This year, we’re proud of all the new client relationships we forged and all of the long-standing partnerships we carried to new heights. We worked hard, we played hard, and we even won a few awards. 


AGM event support
We collaborated with the Integrum team to give their Annual General Meeting (AGM) the sophisticated visual branding it deserved. We considered every detail, from name tags to placards to signage and document presentation, for an unexpected—and memorable—experience for the Integrum team and their shareholders.

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Imagine Pediatrics

Brand, web, packaging, and everything else
As we reflect on 2023, we can’t help but recognize how much we’ve accomplished alongside the Imagine Pediatrics team. Since last December, we’ve worked to craft a brand identity from the ground up, build a website, design packaging and merchandise, and engage medically complex children and their families at every touchpoint on their care journey. 

Seeing our hard work come to life has been a highlight this year, and we can’t wait for what 2024 has in store for our partnership with the Imagine Pediatrics team. 

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Annual Impact Report
2023 marked our 5th annual Impact Report for Invenergy, a project that continues to challenge us both creatively and technically. This year’s digital report was a resounding success, and we loved bringing their data to life through motion and custom illustration. 

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Brand, web, and custom animation
Our work with LinkUp, a leading global job market data provider, had our team branding, redesigning, writing, and developing a new website that we can all be proud of. It was an all-hands-on-deck effort, and it paid off. The LinkUp team loves their new site and custom animated video, and the website was even featured in the 2023 GDUSA Digital Design Showcase.🏆

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Brand and web
Techcyte is an AI-assisted diagnostics platform on the true forefront of healthcare tech, and their team challenged us to create a brand and website that would be both digestible for end users and also able to convey the technical complexity of their technology. We’re very proud of how this project met their needs, and it also won a 2023 GDUSA Digital Design Award. 🏆

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Breakout Studio

Our very own website
Of all our projects this year, we can all agree that the most challenging was our own Breakout Studio website. Every cook in our kitchen is a creative with bigger and better ideas than the next, and we are so, SO proud of how we wrangled ourselves to collaborate and push each other. We learned a lot, and we love where we landed. 

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Greenbacker GDEV

Annual ESG report
Our team loves a challenge, and the Greenbacker GDEV annual ESG report presented just that. Working within preexisting brand constraints, we designed custom collage elements to bring their content to life, showcasing the innovative, tech-forward personality of GDEV while also maintaining the integrity of the wider Greenbacker brand. We think the result is stunning, and the GDEV team loves it as much as we do. A big win for 2023. 

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Tony Finau Foundation

Our ongoing partnership 
Finally, but certainly not lastly, we’re grateful for our continued partnership with the Tony Finau Foundation (TFF). In 2023, their team set us loose on event branding, including their annual fundraising gala, The TFF 2023 Golf Classic, and Tony at Topgolf. We also designed custom merch for a Netflix unboxing experience and a 10th year anniversary shirt celebrating Tony’s ten years on tour. Every project for TFF pushes us to think bigger and solve puzzles—and we’re proud of how much fun we have doing it. 

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It’s been quite a year for Breakout Studio, and this list barely scratched the surface of all we accomplished in 2023. Check out more of our work, and learn more about a few of our team’s personal wins from the past year on our recently refreshed website

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