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Del Toro

Consumer Goods

Del Toro is an established heritage brand of luxury, Italian-crafted footwear with a reputation for providing an exceptional customer experience. We partnered with them to refresh their brand, re-defining their space in the market.

  • Writing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
Group 4006

Del Toro wanted to build upon the foundation of their old world heritage style and revitalize their image with a brand identity that conveys both a history of elegance and a modern, irreverent personality. 

We worked to redefine the visual language of Del Toro’s new branding, highlighting a polished color palette, developing a new custom type logo, and exploring textures and typography that depict the right balance between classic elegance and a self-aware humor that speaks to their young, high-end target market. We’ve helped them define a fresh presence that builds on existing brand awareness to communicate a devotion to comfort, luxury, and quality.

Paper Shadow Mockup R52 1
Group 4007
Group 4008
Color palette
Wax Seal Mockup R5 1
Rectangle 1281
231011 Del Toro Brand Guidelines
Free Wrapping Tiisue Paper Mockup R52 2
For people called to look good
Del Toro mural 1

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