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Elium Health


Elium Health, a mental health clinic offering services to teens and adults in the Philadelphia region, sought our help to develop a brand identity to match their youthful audience and carry their vision into their first three locations.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Writing
  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Web Design
Elium header

We worked with the Elium Health team from the very start to develop a name, brand messaging, and visual identity to match their enthusiasm for the work they do and their vision for the future. We helped them establish an identity that is both comforting and modern, appealing to teens, young adults, and the parents in their community.

We were challenged to create a website that is both welcoming and also unlike any other site in their space. We pushed an unexpected color palette, bold shapes, and evocative line work to create a site that gives a playful visual pop, yet remains intuitive and engaging for new and existing clients.

59th GDUSA Design Showcase

Elium logo 1


Elium logo 2
Elium colors
Elium color palette
Elium icons
Elium woman


Elium desktop
the future of mental health
Elium mobile 1
Elium mobile 2


Elium one pager
Eluim business cards

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