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Forage is a health-focused food and beverage company who needed help establishing a brand architecture and developing a look, feel, and sound as they broke into new market categories.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Writing
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Web Design
  • Merch
Forage header

Forage is a food and beverage pioneer in two distinct ways: first, they’re a health-focused Madison, WI based restaurant, and second, they sell their own popular line of canned kombucha. 

We partnered with the Forage team to build a brand and online presence for both Forage Kitchen and Forage Kombucha, helping them prepare for nationwide product distribution and the expansion to additional restaurant locations. 

We developed a joyful, vibrant color palette and two websites, including an eCommerce storefront, featuring bold product photography and an emphasis on their commitment to nourishing ingredients. Our team also established the brand’s playful, fresh voice and brand messaging to help them reach an audience across the US. Beyond branding and web, we designed custom kombucha packaging, branded apparel, and an in-store mural at their Champaign, IL location.

Visit Forage Kitchen
Visit Forage Kombucha

Forage lifestyle 1


Forage identity
Forage colors
Forage color palette

Forage Kitchen

Forage kitchen desktop cropped
Forage kitchen cans
Forage kitchen postcards
Forage kitchen poster
Forage mural 1

Forage Kombucha

Forage kombucha desktop cropped
Forage kombucha cans
Forage life style 2
Comes in a can, tastes like sparkles
Forage kombucha stickers
Forage kombucha shipper box

Promotional Emails

Forage kitchen email 1
Forage kitchen email 2


Forage shirt 1
Forage shirt 2

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