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Forethought, a leader in customer-centered AI experiences, needed a rebrand to modernize their look, feel and sound and live up to the powerful capabilities of their platform.

We brought the brand to life with a bold color palette and assertive, direct tone of voice that clearly highlights the company’s differentiators. Each product on the platform gets its own color scheme, animation and icon, and we guide users through the site with playful, light-weight animations for a beautiful, responsive experience—just like they receive when using the Forethought platform itself.

The Forethought “F” is inspired by the penrose staircase and conveys themes of stability and reliability through the gradient and the continuous bold stroke. Photography and illustration combine to highlight the intersection of people and technology and celebrate the human and approachable personality of a company with technology at its core.

AI Technology
Forethought Color Palette
Forethought Diagonal lines
Case Study F Logo Animation
Forethought Mobile 01
Forethought Contact
Forethought Illustrations
Forethought Personalized Branding Graph
Forethought Button
Icons & Diagrams
Forethought Diagram Full
Forethought Diagram Solve
Sales Deck
Forethought Sales Deck