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Invenergy is a leading US-based clean power developer and operator with more than 200 active global projects. We’ve partnered with them to create print and digital reports, custom animation and web experiences, marketing tools, and digital design work for their portfolio projects.

  • Visual Identity
  • Animation
  • Print Design
  • Reports
Invenergy gradient

Invenergy is a multinational corporation with active wind, solar, storage, transmission, hydrogen, water, and natural gas projects across the globe. Over the course of our partnership, they have challenged us to distill their immense impact into simple, engaging annual impact reports, a lookbook, custom animation, and supporting marketing collateral. 

In addition to these print and digital reporting projects, we’ve worked with them to support several of their portfolio projects with design, writing, and development. Energy transition is a daunting topic, and the work Invenergy does is complex. Simplification, approachability, and functional user experience have been core to our work with the Invenergy team.

View the Invenergy Impact Report
59th GDUSA Design Showcase

Invenergy logo
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Invenergy background
Invenergy colors
Invenergyimpact color palette
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Invenergy mobile 1
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PDF Report

Invenergy cover
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Marketing Collateral

Invenergy one pager

Highlights animation

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