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We worked with Techcyte, a clinical pathology AI platform, to establish a brand identity that reflects their growing suite of products and their position as a leader in AI-assisted healthcare solutions.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Writing
  • Visual Identity

As we set out on our partnership, Techcyte was looking for an immersive website that reflects their level of innovation and also allows non-technical users to understand their comprehensive platform and product offerings. 

Together, with a new visual language and voice, we updated their existing brand identity and crafted mission-driven messaging for a complete web refresh. We also updated their marketing collateral, including one-pagers and pitch decks, for a consistent user experience at every touchpoint.

Our work with Techcyte was also selected as a 2023 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) Digital Design Showcase winner. 

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2023 GDUSA Digital Design Showcase

Techcyte logo 1


Techcyte logo 2
Techcyte swatches
Techcyte color palette
Techcyte icons
Techcyte Icons


Techcyte background
Techcyte mobile 1
Techcyte mobile 2
The clinical pathology AI platform for a complex diagnostics world


Techcyte biz cards
Techcyte booth

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