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In Brief / Creating ripples in healthcare.

Too often, innovation in medicine is synonymous with expensive new machines. What if instead we could innovate on technology many healthcare providers already have on hand?

At ENDRA, the technology they created for lab research on a molecular level has led them to develop a new global market, addressing healthcare gaps using relatively ubiquitous machinery—ultrasound. With just a small accessory and some software, they are transforming what ultrasound machines can accomplish for doctors and their patients. 

We helped ENDRA define their story, refine their brand and launch a new website to boldly proclaim their presence to the world.

 The ENDRA website home page
 ENDRA TAEUS illustration
 ENDRA website
 ENDRA mobile website
“Breakout Studio created our website and achieved a wonderful balance of aesthetics and functionality. The team was a pleasure to work with, investing time to learn about our business, communicating actively and delivering as promised!” Francois Michelon, CEO

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